About The Cooking Shows

Hello!  I’m April, a full-time Mommy of two boys ages 3 1/2 (“C”) and 19 months (“K”).  Before I became a mom, I was a kindergarten teacher and made sure my students experienced their learning hands-on.  The same goes for my own kids; they are as involved in our household as is developmentally appropriate.

One of my favorite activities with my 3-year-old sous chef is cooking.  We have been cooking together since I thought to put him up on the counter in his infant seat while I chopped and prepped for supper.  Now, he mixes, measures, and pours while his brother sits on the counter awaiting his turn.

The food we make is primarily healthy.  But we love Nana’s chocolate chip cookies every once in a while!  My boys are growing up eating interesting and healthful foods that are still “normal,” but a far cry from blue-box mac and cheese.  I like to make less healthy recipes a little not-so-bad-for-you too.

This blog will feature recipes I’ve made with my boys as well as the ways they’ve helped throughout the process.  Throughout each post, I highlight ideas for guiding young children to be useful (and not destructive!) in the kitchen and how to make use of teachable cooking moments.

I hope to bring inspiration to your kitchen, so making supper isn’t such a chore but a learning opportunity for both you and your children!


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