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As a mom of three boys, I know all about real life and real love. Behind a camera, I see the beauty in the fleeting moments that should be captured, for those are the real moments that we'll miss when they're gone. Let me capture the real, beautiful love in your real, beautiful life.

Grandma’s Peanut Butter Cookies

This poor blog has been neglected.  Sorry, blog.  If it’s any consolation, everything else that was unessential in my life was also neglected during the month of December.  Lots of making and baking for others, not much making and baking … Continue reading

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3-Cheese Veggie Pizza

Well hello!  Let me tell you why I haven’t been blogging.  Because I haven’t been cooking with the boys.  Because K is 15 months, which makes it nearly impossible to cook with him, ignore him while cooking with C, or … Continue reading

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Greens and Beans

The other day, C was very enthusiastic about helping make dinner.  We got through steps one and two and he was done.  Such is life with a 3-year old.  Especially this kid.  But this recipe is cheap, super easy, very … Continue reading

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Honey Mustard Chicken

My new favorite thing is roasting a whole chicken.  Parents magazine included the how-to (along with great recipes for both the whole chicken and its leftovers) which gave me the confidence to try it myself.  Because a 5lb chicken is … Continue reading

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Yet another activity/snack C and I enjoy together, cutting up a whole cantaloupe offers many learning and cooking lessons, and is adaptable to your child’s age.  At a year old, C would just sit on the counter with a bib … Continue reading

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Cranberry Orange Bread

C is sick.  So this healthy bread might have germs in it; I’m pretty sure he sneezed during the prep process at least 3 times.  Surely germs die when baked 40 minutes at 350..?  Baking is a great activity when … Continue reading

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With all the snow and being stuck inside, you’d think we would be baking all the time.  Nope.  Because all I want is stuff like brownies, and we’re still making an effort to shield the boys from delicious junk like … Continue reading

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