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Grandma’s Peanut Butter Cookies

This poor blog has been neglected.  Sorry, blog.  If it’s any consolation, everything else that was unessential in my life was also neglected during the month of December.  Lots of making and baking for others, not much making and baking … Continue reading

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Cranberry Orange Bread

C is sick.  So this healthy bread might have germs in it; I’m pretty sure he sneezed during the prep process at least 3 times.  Surely germs die when baked 40 minutes at 350..?  Baking is a great activity when … Continue reading

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With all the snow and being stuck inside, you’d think we would be baking all the time.  Nope.  Because all I want is stuff like brownies, and we’re still making an effort to shield the boys from delicious junk like … Continue reading

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Granola Bars

Upon full consideration, I have decided that these granola bars are my favorite thing to make with C.  First, they taste amazing; just sweet enough, chewy, crunchy, marvelousness.  Second, they are pretty healthy, especially the munchable ingredients (this is the … Continue reading

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Oatmeal Cranberry Scones

Today I don’t have pictures of making these amazing scones because, you know what?, taking pictures and baking with a 2 1/2-year-old is tough! We began this recipe almost 4 weeks ago when my family was visiting.  I had intended … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Bread

Pie pumpkins were on sale just after Halloween, and with the help of our handy-dandy KitchenAid strainer attachment, we made our own puree!  I imagine it would be just as good with the tried-and-true canned stuff too. Adapted slightly from … Continue reading

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Mom’s (or Grandma’s) Zucchini Bread

I worked very hard back when C was a beginning eater to make sure he loved his veggies, fruits, and proteins before carbohydrates to keep him from becoming a carboholic like his mommy.  And though he does love all foods … Continue reading

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